Labels are great for people to supply information to others. This information can be safety information that can prevent someone from getting sick or injured. It can be information that gives a command like “Do not open.” When it comes to labels, you first want to start with label printing in Eden Prairie.

What types of labels are there?

There are two main types of labels:

1. Identification Labels- This type of label will identify a product or other object. For example, you could see these on batteries or ink cartridges to help customers know what they need.

2. Warning Labels- These labels show a warning message for the consumer so that the product can be used correctly and safely. In a retail store, warning labels can be found on certain cleaning products, to show potential poisonings or health risks.

What kind of information should there be included?

When deciding what to put on the label, you need to think about two main things:

·    What is the label going to identify?

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·    What is the label going to warn about?

No matter what the two answers are, they both need to follow a clear format. This will let people know what kind of label it is at first glance. On the label you will also want to look for additional contact information. This will be an address, phone number or a website. This is vital information to have in case there is a problem with the product or if we are looking to get additional information.

Another great aspect for labels is for advertising purpose. If you put a contest on the label or maybe have a label that people cut out and mail in for a free prize or a discount, that will help with marketing and sales.

Labels are a great item to have. Make sure that you read labels and understand what they are telling you.